Your Perfect Wedding...


About Pastor Alan

St. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7:20, "Let every man abide in the same calling in which he is called.” I was called to the Gospel of Christ as a Congregational minister to bring those who want to walk together into a state of grace. I am the most experienced ordained non-denominational Christian Pastor in South Florida. I am also an incurable romantic who loves performing wedding ceremonies. I am a minister who finds deep satisfaction in celebrating wedding ceremonies and bringing loving couples into the sanctity of marriage. I feel blessed to be able to bring joy to so many others.

For more years than I care to remember, I’ve been left breathless by seeing the love in a groom’s eyes as he watches his bride walk down the isle. Don’t tell anyone, but you might say I have my own special romance officiating weddings.

The first special moment is when I meet with a couple for the first time and they share their story with me – how they met, why they fell in love, how they knew this was “the one.” The next is when bride and groom stand before me and the guests turn completely silent. In that moment, there is an electricity generated by true love. It fills the room and captures our hearts. There’s a feeling of collective wonder to witness and bless the love of all present.

Love is Forever

Together we will create a beautiful ceremony that incorporates all the elements for perfect flow and timing, and conveys your unique personalities and vision. I am happy to incorporate any aspects of your shared or family faith into your customized ceremony. I will help you design your ceremony, attend your rehearsal and promise you a ceremony that you will cherish for a lifetime. Whether big or small, traditional or non-traditional, religious, civil, non-denominational, or interfaith wedding, it will be my joy to preside over your wedding and give you a magical moment filled with stardust and dreams.

You may choose to design a non-denominational more traditional ceremony which is Christian that includes traditional scripture, prayer, a benediction, traditional vows, and the pastor's recitation of love and commitment. Or you may decide you want a contemporary spiritual ceremony with some prayer which is a celebration of love and commitment filled with joyful contemporary vows and an "I do" that you will remember forever. Or you may want an Interfaith Ceremony where the common thread of both religions are joined together and respected and included in the ceremony. Finally, you may decide on a Civil Ceremony which has no mention of God or any Deity, nor prayer but is centered around a celebration of love and with contemporary vows. Whichever you choose, I promise you a ceremony you will cherish forever.